KMC sand trap louvers are specifically designed to allow air flow into buildings and at the same time restrict the entry of dust and sand particles where these elements are natural hazards.


Manufactured from Galvanized steel material, the units are designed and tested to withstand the most severe weather conditions for many years.



Installed vertically in buildings these units provide a unique feature visually but perform an important element in ventilation design.



The Sand Trap Louvers Model KSTL are designed for usage in serving as a Pre - Filter element in dusty conditions. It has a degree of separation of sand and large dust particles, even in cases of high dust concentrations. The vertically arranged sections and holes for sand drainage ensure the sand trap louver is self- cleaning and maintenance free. The sand trap louver is designed to separate large particles at low air velocities, thus avoiding excessive dust loading on conventional plant filters. It is not intended as a substitute for conventional supply air filtration plant.

The sand trap Louver blades are formed in U Profiles placed alternately in vertical configuration.







  • Frame: 1.2mm thick formed Aluminum,  -80mm deep
  • Blades: 1.2mm thick extruded or Formed Aluminum
  • Finish: Natural Aluminum
  • Formed construction from 2.0mm thick frame & blade thickness
  • Formed Aluminum Construction
  • Formed GI construction
  • Formed SS construction (consult factory)
  • Variety of Bird & Insect screens
  • Variety of finishes – powder coated to standard RAL colors