KMC air transfer Grilles or Door grilles are typically used in doors and partitions to allow air flow to a space that is not directly served by a ducted

source of supply air or a ducted outlet for return or exhaust air.

These Door / Wall Grilles offers the largest free area possible with a completely sight proof or light proof core.

The inverted – vee louver cross section not only blocks vision, but also provides stiffness.

Being mounted in the lower portion of a door, a door grille is by nature subjected to knocks and bumps. Durability of KMC louvers assures good


looks even after long service.


  • The door/wall Grille XNSA is suitable for transfer of air from one room into the other.
  • The Grille can be either mounted to the wall or the door.
  • The horizontal V shape vanes are not adjustable and are sight proof.
  • Supplies straight 0° jet air patterns for extremely long throw requirements and diffused air patterns up to 30° spread for installations which require shorter throws and greater air diffusion patterns
  • Vertical direction is adjustable from 0° to ±30°






  • All grilles are provided with a seal on the
  • back of the frame in order that the perimeter in contact is airtight.
  • Free Area 60%