• Energy saving low pressure, variable air volume temperature control
  • Use with constant volume fan systems (no fan inlet or pressure controls)
  • Pressure dependent flow control – inlet balancing damper upstream from air terminal controls maximum flow rate.
  • VAV flow to the space to meet demand - access or relief air is returned directly into the ceiling plenum.


Product Features

  • Single VAV primary air damper proportions the total flow into the box to either the space or ceiling
  • Round and rectangular inlet sizes
  • Relief adjustment damper located on top of casing for field balancing to maintain a constant total flow to the unit from maximum bypass to zero bypass
  • A balancing damper (not provided with the KME terminal) is required upstream to adjust the design maximum flow rate
  • 0.8mm (22 gauge) thick steel casing lined with 25mm thick Black glass fibre fabric insulation (NFPA 90A & UL 181).
  • Easy to install and service





Options & Accessories

  • Electric duct heater (installed downstream of KME terminal)
  • Steel control enclosure.
  • Insulation options: 25mm Fibre less elastomeric foam.
  • Unit mounting brackets (field installed)
  • Electric, electronic analogue control systems